What You Need to Know About Newborn Adjustment

Teens and adults often get chiropractic treatment. It can be as simple as a massage or as involved as a whole adjustment. Back pain is not uncommon for adults and usually comes with stress or repetitive, unhealthy movements. But did you know that babies can also suffer from back and spine issues? It is necessary for babies to undergo newborn adjustment in order to correct issues so that they don’t grow up with them which would cause them to get worse. In this video, you will learn about what happens during a newborn adjustment.

Video Source

The video will go through all the steps of a baby’s exam to check for any issues. The exam encompasses the entire body, from the head to the toes, with a focus on the spine. There are a variety of reasons why a baby may go in for such an exam and the video will discuss each of them. The adjustment treatment is not the same as it is for adults. It is much simpler and involves holding the baby in specific positions.


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