What Is Dry Needling?

Injuries sustained in sports are very common. Some are minor and others major, but no matter how serious the injury, it is always possible that people will experience pain during the recovery process and even long after the injury has healed. Fortunately, there are physical therapists who can help the healing process along to encourage proper and pain-free healing, and also help to strengthen muscles to prevent pain after healing. One such method is called dry needling and in this video, you will learn exactly what that is and be shown a demonstration. If you think dry needling might be right for you, then this video can show you exactly what you can expect.

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Dry needling uses needles to pinpoint specific trigger areas that cause pain in patients. The physical therapist will feel the muscle to find the trigger area and insert a needle into it. If done right, the patient will not feel the needle. Depending on the patient, the type of pain, and how often they attend a session, a patient’s pain can be greatly reduced and even eliminated.


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