What to Expect at Your First Chiropractor Appointment

Dr. Jeff Liang shares with us what to expect at your first chiropractor appointment because he knows that it can be very intimidating and a lot of people don’t fully know what to expect.

As a new client, you will be filling out paperwork and the chiropractor will be getting a sense of what you need done and if that will be possible based on a physical exam and special tests. The chiropractor will ask you what your goals of seeing him or her are and let you know how they can make that possible.

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You will have a physical examination which is usually done by the doctor to see what physical ailments you’re dealing with and what’s causing the pain. The doctor will see you move and see what restrictions you might have.

You may undergo x-rays and other specials tests like this, depending on your medical history and your physical examination. This is not necessary, but may happen due to certain aspects.

Once all of the previous is taken care of, you will begin care. This can be getting an adjustment from the chiropractor or they may refer you to another specialist clinic to help you get the treatment you need.


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