An Inside Look at Alzheimers Disease

This video is to inform viewers about Alzheimer’s disease and Alzheimers disease treatment. As we get older, there are many diseases that may lay home in our bodies. These diseases affect how we operate on a daily basis and it makes a difference in big things like our minds.

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Things like Parkinson’s, dementia, and Alzheimer’s have a huge impact on the elderly. Although it may be inevitable, you can always get treated and manage these diseases so that at least you can navigate through life better than without treatment. Before figuring out if you or a loved one should get Alzheimers disease treatment, it is best to learn about what Alzheimers disease is and how it affects the brain and body.Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that impacts the brain. The impact on the brain in an elderly person affects their memory and leads them to forget people, events, memories, or even conversations. A big example of Alzheimer’s is the grandmother in the Disney movie Coco. Over time, she begins to forget the memory of her father and her great-grandson does everything in his power to make sure she does not forget him by singing a song he wrote for her. While this is not a realistic Alzheimers disease treatment, it gives a great portrayal of what Alzheimer’s disease is.


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