What Are Food Safety Protocols?

Understanding the different food safety protocols is important when you work in food service or any type of place that serves food to their patients. It’s important that you keep these protocols in mind, so you can ensure you are following all of the safety precautions. This can also be a great thing to remember when you are home as well because if you eat contaminated food, you and your family can become sick and develop illnesses.

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This can be especially harmful when you are preparing raw chicken next to vegetables you are going to eat with dinner. The chicken could contaminate the vegetables and could cause illness.

Food poisoning is the common term when you get sick after eating a certain food that has been contaminated. This can involve you throwing up, having diarrhea, or just feeling sick all day long after eating something bad. This isn’t something anyone wants to go through, so it’s important to keep food safety in mind when you are cooking dinner for yourself and your family.

To learn all about food safety and how you can keep yourself far from the risk, watch this entire video. This has some great information that can keep you and your family from becoming ill.


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