Tips for Putting Contact Lenses In

If you are new to contact lenses, and you just got some from your eye doctor, you may be wondering the most efficient way to put them in. Oftentimes your eye doctor will have a session with you afterwards to show you the application process, but needed extra advice or assistance is completely natural. Putting your contacts in safely without hurting yourself is the most important thing, so taking a fitting course is the best hands on training you can get.

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When you start practicing, you should first wash and dry your hands thoroughly to be sure no dirt or lint gets on your lenses. Also, clipping your finger nails before beginning is a good precaution to take. Put the lens on the tip of your dominant index finger, and be sure the soft lens is facing the correct way outward. Putting in your contact lenses should be done by controlling your eyelids and even looking into a mirror to guide yourself. You Should use your non dominant hand to hold your upper eyelid, and hold your lower lid with the middle finger of your dominant hand and put the contact in with your index finger. You may want some contact solution for extra cushion and comfort for application.


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