Should I See a Doctor? 4 Bizarre Symptoms and What They Mean

Urgent care or walk in clinic

Just like there are hundreds of different medical problems that you can have, there are hundreds upon thousands of different symptoms that can be attributed them. But some symptoms are a little bit more odd than others. Here are four strange symptoms, what they mean, and whether or not you should seek immediate care to get them checked out.


When we are exposed to colder temperatures, our nerves react to the cold, which can cause a numbness of the hands, feet, fingers, or toes. If numbness occurs when it is not cold, it could mean a pinched nerve in the neck or lower back. This can be caused by a ruptured disk, or even a bone that is pressing on the nerve.

Acetone Breath

If your breath smells like nail polish remover, it could be a sign that you may be developing diabetes. When a body doesn’t have enough insulin, it begins to burn fat for energy. This creates a chemical compound known as ketones, which has the presence of acetone. Doctors suggest anyone experiencing ‘acetone breath’ should seek medical attention for diagnosis and treatment.

Loss of Smell

Lost or reduced sense of smell is one of the common symptoms that can occur in the years before the development of Parkinson’s disease. Loss of smell occurs due to neurological changes in the lower half of the brainstem, causing the body to lose certain functions. More research is being done on why the disease may cause this affect.

Discolored Fingernails

If the spots on your nails are small and white, it’s most likely do to a minor impact. However, if you have severe discoloration, ridges, or other symptoms on your nails, visit a dermatologist to check from fungus or psoriasis. In addition, brown discoloration can be a sign of yeast infection.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, or any other serious medical issues, contact your doctor or locate your nearby urgent care clinics. Urgent cares are medical centers that allow walk-in care, so you can be in and out at your own convenience.
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