Ditch the Tobacco with an E-Cigarette

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So, you want to quit smoking? Good for you! Using electronic cigarettes might be a good way to do that. You are not alone. Many of the people who use them are former cigarette smokers. The sales were about $3.5 million in 2012, which was up from 50,000 in 2008. At least 1/5 of all American smokers have tried them. Moreover smokers who try electronic cigarettes smoke 80%. This is according to a study by the International Journal of Environmental Research. It is clear; this can help people quit smoking.

Tips for quitting smoking with electronic cigarette .

  1. Do your research. Look at all the electronic cigaretteĀ  out there. There are a lot. There are also a lot of e cig liquid flavors. Read the e cog liquid reviews. You can find more than 7,000 e cig liquid flavors. More are being developed all of the time. Approximately 250 are developed each month. Many people who use electronic cigarette and vaporizers say they change the flavor they use frequently and the majority of these people are former smokers. According to e cig liquid reviews, the most popular flavors are fruit with 69.4%, followed by sweet flavors at 61.4%. Tobacco flavors are also available. Nearly 44% use that flavor. Pick an electronic cigarette and flavor and remember you can change at any time.
  2. Start with a higher nicotine level and taper down. Try out your new electronic cigarette and e juice at a high nicotine level to start. You have read the e liquid reviews so you should know what to expect from the flavor. As your cravings for actual cigarettes start to decline, reduce the amount of nicotine in your electronic cigarette.
  3. Taper down some more. The longer you use the electronic cigarette, the less intense your cravings for tobacco should become. Taper some more. Again you know from the e cig liquid reviews what you can order with the next level of nicotine. Taper with decreasing amounts of nicotine until you are using the unit without any nicotine. Do you notice the health benefits of not smoking? People who quit smoking report their sense of smell returning. They say food tastes better than it did when they were smoking.
  4. Use your e cig without nicotine. Congratulations! You have tapered to the point where you are no longer using your electronic cigarette without any nicotine at all. Some people keep using it without the nicotine. Because smoking is something people are used to doing, when the activity of moving the hand to the mouth is returned and they do not have the electronic cigarette, some are tempted to go back to cigarette smoking. Do not do that! You have worked too hard to get away from that. If you think you feel better with it, keep using it without the nicotine. And now that you are an expert, leave some e cig liquid reviews of your own.

Smoking is a terrible habit. It does not just hurt the person doing it. Second hand smoke has been known to cause cancer. Children born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy have a host of health problems as a consequence. Your decision to quit is great. Keep it up!

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