How Skin Dermatologists Can Make Your Skin Beautiful Again

The best acne treatment

Now more than ever are Americans concerned with having clear, beautiful skin. Many however find that acne, hair loss, and other skin diseases make that difficult with some posing serious risks to patients’ health. A skin dermatologist can help treat some of the most frequent skin related conditions plaguing Americans today.

On the whole, nearly 85% of the population will struggle with acne at some point, with over 40% of teens affected by acne or acne scars. While acne can be brushed off by some as a minor annoyance, in truth acne affects a teen’s confidence more than one might think. Teens are not the only ones at risk for acne, as 40 to 50 million Americans of all ages suffer from acne. Over the counter medicines are available, but for many they fail to treat acne. To prevent scaring, do not pick ,squeeze, or pop acne; instead seek acne treatment from a skin dermatologist to end the embarrassment and let your skin feel as beautiful as you feel.

Hair Loss
By age 50, nearly half of all men will experience some form of hair thinning or loss. While males are known to experience hair loss, it may be surprising to learn that around 30 million American women too suffer from some form of hereditary hair loss. Breakthroughs in hair restoration have allowed numerous products to enter the market, but experts suggest finding a skin dermatologist first for treatment, as dermatologists can better identify the underlying reason for the hair loss, offering a more effective treatment option.

Skin Conditions
Patients suffering from a serious skin disease like cancer or psoriasis are urged to seek out immediate medical aid. Nearly 20% of Americans will develop some form of skin cancer during their lives. The most serious form of skin cancer, melanoma, can some times be identified by the development of numerous, large, atypical moles. Psoriasis is the buildup of dry, scaly skin cells that affects nearly 7.5 million Americans. Treatment options are available for many skin conditions, but the first step to safe, effective treatment is scheduling an appointment with a skin dermatologist.

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