Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer

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Most Americans will need to see a dermatologist during their lifetimes. Unfortunately, for too many people, it will be for skin cancer. It will hit one in five people in the United States. Nonmelamona skin cancers are diagnosed each year impacting more than two million people. Some people worry that dermatologists prices are higher than other physicians and avoid going, even when they suspect there is a problem but early detection and treatment is crucial in treating skin cancer.

Is it skin cancer?

People with more than 50 moles that are oddly shaped are more likely to develop melanoma but  not having that many does not mean you cannot get it. If there is any question about a mole or other area, a dermatologist should be consulted but many suggest following ABCDE method:

  • Asymmetry: The mole is irregular.
  • Border: It is not smooth.
  • Color: It has different colors in it.
  • Diameter: It is really big (more than a quarter of an inch).
  • Evolving: It changes shape, size, color or sensation. Does it itch? Is it tender or hurt?

There can be other signs such as a non-healing sore.  Any mole that bleeds or oozes should be checked. New growths on the skin should be evaluated by a physician.

What is the treatment for skin cancer?

There are several kinds of skin cancer and this can determine how it is treated. These are a few common skin cancer treatment options:

Mohs Micrographic Surgery: What can be seen of a tumor is removed along with the smallest possible area that surrounds it. This procedure can be repeated if cancer is still found in the area but is one that removes the smallest amount of tissue.

Excisional Surgery: Similar to the above procedure but more of the surrounding area is removed.

Curettage and Electrodesiccation: The surgeon scrubs off the legion and the remaining tumor is burned with a needle. This is often repeated a few times.

Cryosurgery: The tumor is killed with liquid nitrogen, which freezes it. This can also be repeated.

Radiation: Beams of radiation are aimed at the tumor over a period of a few weeks to kill it.

What are the costs?

The costs associated with the om/dermatology/news-article.cfm/5527748/acne-vulgaris-propionibacterium-shampoo-skin-potential” Title=”More information on Dermatologist palm beach gardens”>treatment of skin cancer vary depending on a number of factors. A dermatologist prices can be discussed with the office in question. Dermatologist prices also vary depending on the region of the country. The dermatologist prices should not deter you from seeking treatment. There may be financial programs that they know about that ca help.

When it comes to skin cancer treatment, the best thing to remember is that early detection will make treatment much easier. Prevention is also a key thing to remember. No tan is a safe tan so wearing appropriate sunscreen and clothing can make a huge difference.

In fact, sunscreen should be applied often. It is not enough to put it on before you leave the house. Even products with very high sun protective factors (SPF) will come off in the water and with sweat. Wearing protective clothing and hats is also recommended when you are in the sun a long time. Remember, too, that you can get a sunburn on hazy days. It may not be really sun ny out but the sun is still there.

Skin cancer can be scary but it is also really preventable and treatable. Getting regular checks from a dermatologist is one of the best ways to get it early.

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