Legal Medical Exemptions For the COVID Vaccine

With the mergence of COVID-19 vaccines, there were of course people that were reluctant to get these scientifically tested vaccinations. Some people would rather acquire some kind of medical exemption to go about their daily lives rather than getting a small needle put into their arm a few times. Some of these exemptions require the help of a medical exemption lawyer. Watch this video for a few of the different exemptions that people have used to get out of needing the vaccine.

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There are not actually many allergies that can exempt you from the vaccine unless you are allergic to polyethylene glycol which are found in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. These exemptions cannot be based on minimal, non life threatening allergies. A medical exemption lawyer will not accept an exemption based on a small or insignificant reason that opposes the vaccines.

There have been so reported effects or symptoms from the vaccines that have been linked to worsening symptoms of auto immune disease. Certain heart conditions and other rare conditions like Gullian-Barre syndrome are some of the only valid reasons why an exemption would be approved. For the most part, the benefits from these vaccines outweigh the risks associated with most exemption reasons.

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