Tips To Keep Your Golf Game at its Best

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Golf requires an immense amount of skill and focus. Here are a few sports science tips to help you have your best golf game.


Eat a balanced breakfast before you hit the links. Eat at least 500 calories of balanced grain, fruit, and protein. This will ensure you have enough fuel to walk all day long and not lose a step in your game.


Golf is an outdoor sport and so you’ll often be in the sun. Dehydration will decrease your focus and strength, so make sure to drink water or a sports drink every 15 minutes. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty, or it’s too late.

Warm Up

No one wants to get injured playing the sport they love. Make sure to warm up and stretch before your game. You can do a few practice strokes just against the air, and para-spinal stretches will loosen your back up to send rockets down the fairway.


Golf can be frustrating and you will probably lose your poise at some point during the day. If you feel yourself losing focus, take a minute or two to focus on breathing deeply. This will slow your heart rate and lower cortisol levels to help you play your best.

For more information on playing your best, click on the video in the link above.


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