Innovative Mens Clinics Offer Many Treatment Options

Approximately half of the American male population over the age of 50 years are unnecessarily suffering from erectile dysfunction without letting their physicians know. Urologist Dr. Tobias Kohler wants to encourage men to seek help because ED can easily be treated. It can also be a precursor to more serious, life-threatening medical problems. Innovative mens clinics offer many solutions that are easy and gentle to administer. Most often a physical exam and discussion of medical history are all that are needed for a doctor to be able to diagnose erectile dysfunction.

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Fixing the problem may be as simple as implementing some lifestyle changes, like eating right and exercising correctly. With changes to your lifestyle and habits, most diseases get better on their own. If the changes don’t work, men also have the option of taking medications or getting surgical penile implants for severe cases. In other words, even though erectile dysfunction is a sensitive and embarrassing problem for most men, seeking help can help improve your life in many ways.

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