How to Find the Local LPN Job that Pays the Most

Earning your LPN is a major life achievement. Licensed practicing nurses make a huge difference in the healthcare system, both to their patients and to their coworkers. LPNs bridge the gap between registered nurses and certified nursing assistants. They have more tools to help their patients achieve the best possible health outcomes than CNAs but don’t have to bear the responsibilities of RNs.

Finding a local LPN job that suits you well can be a challenge. Don’t settle for less money than you deserve.

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If you want a job that pays well, the video below covers some of the best places to look for employment. The host recommends looking for work at nursing care facilities, including group homes, rehabilitation facilities, and hospice services.

If you’re looking for a more personal connection with your patients, you may want to work for a home healthcare service. You would have more independence, but you may make a little bit less than an LPN working at a nursing care facility.

Your other major option is working at a major surgical hospital. These facilities will give you experience working with a wide variety of patients, but they tend to pay less than the other two options mentioned in the video.

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