Tips For Solving Your ED

The Cleveland Clinic estimates that it’s normal for men to have problems getting or maintaining an erection twenty percent of the time they try to have sex. What’s not normal is to have problems most of the time. That’s erectile dysfunction or ED. Here are tips from the popular YouTube channel How to Medicate about how best to deal with ED.

The first tip is to talk to a doctor.

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Many men can be successfully treated with medication. This can be prescribed by a general practitioner. If the pills do not work, then it’s time to see a urologist or ED doctor. Further treatment may require penile pumps, suppositories, or surgery.

Another reason to talk to a doctor is to check your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. These can be signs of heart or circulatory problems. In order to get an erection, enough blood needs to flow to the genitals. Eating a low-fat diet can help improve blood flow. Medication may also help.

The next tip is to exercise regularly to get or maintain a healthy weight. This not only helps the heart but also helps your sex life. Many studies have shown that living a sedentary life raises your chance of getting ED.

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