Helping the homeless find work and physical therapy

Who are the homeless? One becomes homeless when they start to live in the streets due to demographic forces and economic circumstances. Having the homeless seems like it is a permanent skid in large cities

Over the past few decades, the rise of the homeless people in the streets has increased awareness and has captured public attention, especially in the U.S. The homeless population is the most vulnerable group in the community, and most of us consider them as dangerous and a threat to our daily lives.

In a video, a practical way to help the homeless find work and safety by Richard J. Berry educates us on helping the homeless and changing someone’s life for good by practicing the following.

Help the homeless find work

Most of us blame and think that most homeless people are lazy drug addicts who don’t want to work. Do you know why it is hard for the homeless to get a job? No. Here are some of the reasons why the homeless can’t get a job

  • The lack of having a regular address is a huge obstacle to finding work. Look at this lose-lose situation, you can’t get a job until you find a place to stay, but you can’t get a place to stay until you find a job.
  • Many employers don’t consider unemployed job applicants.
  • Lack of job skills
  • They don’t have reliable phones
  • It is tough for them to stay clean and neat
  • They don’t have cars
  • Unaffordable housing plans

What can you do to help?

Today, several private institutions help the homeless find jobs others are national organizations like drees for success. Some of these organizations focus on helping both genders, while other organizations focus on gender. You can make a step by introducing the homeless person to these organizations and help. Here is what you can do to help

Find them a place to stay

Some organizations today help the homeless get a place to stay, thus helping them get an address that they can use to find a job.

The local government can also help the homeless find a place to stay and get them jobs such as city cleaning.

Job training

According to their passion, the local government and you can help the homeless by training short courses in the market. These courses can help them find work and kick start their life. You can also help the homeless write a CV to help them find a job around the city and get them the necessary referrals


Due to depression and substance abuse, most of the homeless have a problem dressing and expressing themselves. As an ordinary person, you can purchase nice clothes and shoes which they can wear when going for an interview. Also find them second hand or good clothes in your closet that you do not wear and give them so that they can look decent.

Help the homeless find physical therapy

Most of the homeless find it hard to access physical therapy. Most homeless people might be suffering from tissue injury from street wars, thus decreasing their fitness capabilities.

Fitness is one of the basic needs in a job; therefore, helping the homeless find the best physical therapist can positively impact their lives. For example, when a person is fit, they can lift something heavy, run, and work for long hours.

What are you waiting for? Take a step to help your homeless brother or sister today

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