Exercises to Ease Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common occurrence for many people. Unfortunately, back issues tend to linger for quite some time. Due to this, it is important to treat your pain as effectively as possible. While there may not be one “easy fix” for back pain, there are certain steps you can take for back pain relief. As you will learn in this video, there are many exercises to help with your back pain.

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A very common exercise is what is known as a bridge. Start by laying on the floor with your head on a pillow. Try to make sure that your back is flat on the ground. You’ll have your knees bent with your feet flat on the ground. Then, you will raise your pelvis and back from the floor in a controlled motion. By doing so, you will loosen tight muscles and have more flexibility at the end of the stretch. Be sure to slowly lower yourself down at the end of the stretch to avoid “slamming” your lower back. When properly carrying out all of the stretches in the video, you should notice adequate back relief. It is a great habit to get into!.

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