An Overview of At Home Care

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At home care is an increasingly popular option for the elderly and disabled who want to maintain autonomy while caring for their disabilities. Instead of moving to a facility for care, patients can continue to live their own lives while working with a nurse who comes by regularly. This video explains the basics of at home care and what at home care nurses do!

Home care allows for a more in-depth care experience. Instead of working with a medical provider who is working with multiple patients, home nurses get to administer care to one individual on a daily basis. It increases the consistency of care and allows both the patient and nurse to get to know one another, better. A good provider-patient relationship translates to better treatment adherence and results.

The nurse who provides at home care will administer all of the required medicines and therapies, unless it’s something the patient needs to see a specialist for. The nurse can help coordinate the patient’s schedule to create a holistic health routine. They will help patients understand treatments, side effects, and rehabilitative exercises.

If you’re curious about at home care and the benefits it provides, check out the video in the link above.

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