Busting Myths About Methadone Clinics

This video demystifies and debunks some of the myths about methadone clinics. One myth is that a new patient will automatically receive methadone as a treatment as long as that person shows up to the methadone facility. This is not true. The individual must meet certain criteria, such as showing signs of drug addiction.

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The clinic will need to know that the individual has developed a true dependence on a narcotic substance before issuing methadone for treatment. Furthermore, the individual must have a toxicology report to back it up. The clinic will run tests to see if the affected party has drugs in his or her system before moving forward with treatment.

The methadone clinic will most likely have a limit as to what they can issue a newcomer. The max might be 30 milligrams of methadone when the treatment starts, and it may change periodically. Another myth about methadone clinics is that the clients have to undergo a urine test for drugs before every visit and dosage. That myth is not true. There will be a mandatory urine test at the moment a person enters the clinic, and then there will be random monthly tests. You will learn more about misconceptions in the video.

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