Understanding Eligibility for Medicare Before You Turn 65

This video helps people to understand their eligibility for Medicare. Medicare is a federal health plan designed to help senior citizens and retired people pay for their medical expenses. Medicare has various parts to it. Part A covers hospitalization and high-cost medical procedures.

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Part B covers doctor’s visits, X-rays, lab tests, and the like. Neither part A nor part B cover medication. Additionally, Medicare does not have comprehensive dental, vision, or hearing coverage. Medicare also does not cover 100% of the costs. Many people who receive Medicare benefits also have a secondary medical insurance provider or healthcare savings plan to help them with such expenses.

eligibility for Medicare

Medicare and Medicaid must not be confused with each other. Medicare is a benefit that’s usually confined to people who are 65 or older unless they have a qualifying disability such as blindness. Medicare eligibility also depends on whether the individual trying to get Medicare has worked and paid into Medicare for at least 10 years. Someone can also qualify for Medicare if they have a spouse who has worked for 10 years or more and is qualified for the benefit.

One must be 65 to qualify for Medicare, and there is no leniency to that rule. It’s not the same as Social Security, where the person can request benefits at the age of 62.

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