How to Create an Apartment or Small Space Workout Routine

There are several benefits that come with working out and improving your fitness while in the comfort of your own home. You can enjoy plenty of privacy and flexibility while saving time and money by not having to trek to the gym every time you need to work out. That said, working from home comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, it can be difficult to develop the perfect workout routine when you’re pressed for space. The good news is there are several tips you can apply to arrive at the perfect solution. Read on to discover how to create an apartment or small space workout routine.

Start By Locating An Open Area

The first step when creating a small space workout routine is to look for a dedicated area that provides enough room to move around in. The good news is the space doesn’t have to be spacious, which is a relief if you’re already pressed for space in your apartment. The important thing is that you should be able to stretch out your arms without bumping into something. If you can’t easily locate a suitable open area, then the next step is to rearrange the furniture and organize the space. You can also go online to discover clever ways to rearrange your furniture and free up some valuable space.

For instance, if you’re planning to work out in front of the TV, you can move the coffee table so that it sits beside the couch instead of the front. You should also get rid of unnecessary clutter as this can distract you when working out. Once you have freed up the space, this is the bare minimum you need to establish an effective small space workout routine. The key thing to remember is that you don’t need space the size of a garage to start working out. As long as you have a dedicated space where you can move about freely, you’re good to go.

Choose Workouts That Won’t Disturb Others

There are many compelling advantages to living in an apartment. With apartments, you don’t have to worry about yard maintenance, and you can enjoy a communal lifestyle. That said, apartment living also has its drawbacks. For one, there’s limited space (hence the need for a small space workout routine), and second, there can be a lack of privacy, and it can get noisy if you’re not careful. This is one of the major reasons why you should focus on creating a small space workout routine that doesn’t disturb your neighbors. The last thing you want is for your downstairs neighbor to come banging on your door complaining about the thumping noise while you’re busy doing your jumping jacks.

The trick is to prioritize exercises that allow you to move about without making a lot of sounds. For example, you can adopt a routine that mostly focuses on bodyweight moves and static holds only. You will soon realize that you don’t have to launch your body into the air to make an impact on your fitness goals. The good news is you can liven things up by playing music. Just avoid playing music that’s too loud as this can also affect your neighbors.

Use Your Bodyweight

As mentioned, bodyweight exercises are perfect if you want to get fit in the comfort of your apartment without making noise for your neighbors. Bodyweight exercises also come with a plethora of benefits. One of the top advantages of bodyweight exercises is that they’re extremely convenient. You perform your workout from anywhere within a small space and without using complicated equipment. The only equipment you need is your body. What’s more, there’s a wide range of bodyweight exercises to target different muscles of your body and work up a sweat. You can even incorporate bodyweight exercises into your interval training sessions by alternating bursts of high-intensity activity with periods of rest or low-intensity activity.

Your circuits can include various bodyweight exercises like squats, planks, pushups, mountain climbers, and more. Most of these options are considered full-body exercises because of the way they engage your entire body and improve your cardiovascular health and muscle strength. Bodyweight exercises also help build balance and flexibility because your body has to learn how to stabilize itself the more you train. This will go a long way toward preventing injuries caused by slips and falls. Other benefits of bodyweight exercises include greater freedom, especially since they are suitable for all fitness levels.

Invest In Smaller Exercise Equipment

It goes without saying that you won’t likely be able to incorporate regular exercise equipment, like a treadmill or stationary bike, into your small space workout routine. This shouldn’t be a point of great concern because you don’t need to invest in the expensive exercise equipment that eats up your valuable apartment space. There are many exercises you can do without equipment, like the bodyweight exercises we talked about. Still, you can always enhance the efficiency of your workouts by investing in smaller exercise equipment. One of the best investments you can start with is a yoga mat.

Even if you’re not planning to do yoga exclusively, having a yoga mat can cushion you from the hard floor so that it doesn’t feel like you’re exercising on an asphalt parking lot. Other tools that can also enhance your workouts include small hand weights, ankle weights, resistance bands, step stools, an inflatable exercise ball, and a jump rope. These are fairly inexpensive exercise equipment that you can easily put away without using too much storage space. You can store your supplies in a built-in cupboard, closet, or some other storage space close to your workout area. This equipment has versatile applications and will help you switch up your small space workout routine.

Use a Wall or the Door Frame

You can switch up your workout routine by taking advantage of the hard vertical surfaces in your home, namely your doors and walls. These tend to be solid, and they can help provide the support you need to perform various exercises. For instance, instead of just doing pushups nursing your body weight, you can change the angle by putting your feet up against the wall.

You can also do handstand pushups against the wall so that you can lift more of your body weight. This allows you to create a more challenging workout that results in more progress. The trick is to ensure that you’re maintaining your form throughout, as this will help you prevent injuries and get the right results. More exercise ideas to explore include wall planks, wall side planks, and wall climbs.

Search for Apartment-Friendly Workouts Online

The best thing about creating a tailored workout routine for small spaces is that you don’t have to come up with all the ideas on your own. There are many online resources you can use to get inspired and come up with a customized routine. You can even join an online class that offers pre-planned workouts that you can follow as part of your routine. The most apartment-friendly workouts generally incorporate strength training that doesn’t require any jumping. All you need are weights, such as kettlebells or dumbbells, to build muscle and work up a sweat.

You can also use resistance bands, which are inexpensive and don’t take up a lot of space. Strength training exercises are usually strategically combined to target different muscle groups in your upper and lower body. Besides strength training, you can also focus on low-impact cardio workouts that also don’t involve a lot of jumping. Be sure to kickstart each session with yoga/stretching to keep your body limber and flexible.

Ensure the Space Is As Comfortable As Possible

If you want to remain consistent with your workout routine, it’s a good idea to create a comfortable space that will inspire activity. For starters, it’s easy to feel like your body is overheating as you start to get sweaty, so make sure you have a working air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable. It’s also best to have a space that has plenty of natural light or, failing that, enough artificial light to create a welcome and inviting space. Besides infusing the room with more light, you can also focus on adding energizing decor that motivates you to get the blood pumping.

Perhaps you could add a mirror so that you can admire yourself as you give your best during your workout routine. Seeing your reflection regularly when working out can also make it easier to spot changes, and this will help keep you motivated. Another way to create a more comfortable space is to install flooring materials that cushion you from high-impact exercises and protect your joints. Still, one more way to boost comfort is to keep your space clear and clutter-free so that you can minimize disruptions.

Talk to Your Doctor First

If you’re creating a small space workout routine to fulfill your weight loss plans and improve your fitness, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor and get the green light. While it’s true that keeping physically active is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle, you still need your doctor’s advice before you implement your new workout routine. Your employee healthcare plan or health insurance policy should be able to cover consultation costs if you’re using an in-network doctor. It’s especially important to check with your doctor if you suffer from another condition like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, or high blood pressure. You should also check with your doctor if you’re pregnant.

One of the biggest benefits of talking to your doctor is that they can also help you develop a more tailored plan, depending on your medical history or unique plan. If you haven’t been exercising regularly, your doctor might suggest that you start at a beginner or intermediate level and gradually ramp it up from there. If you encounter any adverse symptoms such as pain, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, or a too-rapid heartbeat, you should consult your doctor immediately. Another great idea is to search around for the best chiropractors to find the quality chiropractic care that improves the health of your joints.

Keep Your Body Moving When at Home

The truth is, there’s so much you can do to improve your fitness at home, even when you’re working in a small space. If you want sustainable and long-term results that reflect a lifestyle change, the best thing is to make it a habit to keep moving whenever you’re at home. Instead of being a couch potato or spending too much time eating out at restaurants, push yourself to get creative and find ways to keep your body moving. For instance, cleaning and organizing your space are both great ways to burn extra calories. Engaging in activities like mopping, vacuuming, and scrubbing can get your heart rate up, and you’ll have a cleaner appointment when the session is over.

You can even find ways to move more when you’re on your couch. There are many exercises you can perform, such as tricep dips and calf-strengthening exercises while you’re watching your favorite movie. The other thing is to try and find everyday items you can incorporate into your small space workout routine to keep the fun alive. Let’s say you don’t have a set of weights. You can use various items around the house, like jugs of milk, your chair, or other items, to increase the effectiveness of your exercise routine.

Admittedly, creating a small space workout routine can be challenging, but you can have fun applying these tips and making the most of the space at your disposal. This is great because previously, you might have failed to achieve your fitness goals because of the limited space in your home. Perhaps you were unable to visit the gym or jog outside for one reason or another. Now that you have the best tips for creating a small space workout routine, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. We hope you enjoy your workout routine!

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