Why You Should Get an Eye Exam

This video is to inform viewers about a visit to the eye doctor. We need our eyes to see the world and all its beauty. But in order to keep our eyes in good health, we need to visit the eye doctor frequently.

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A routine visit to the optometrist will help in keeping track of the health of your eyes and see if you need glasses or have anything funky going on with your eyes. As we get older, the health of our eyes begins to decline and if you already have “bad” eyesight, it is even more important to get seen by an eye doctor on a frequent basis. There are many different things that happen with the eyes that cause them to decline in health over time.When visiting an eye doctor, it is important to ask questions and follow along with the exam. It is important to take the exam truthfully in order to see if your eyes are in good health or if you need a new prescription. People with astigmatism or even glaucoma should see the eye doctor about twice a year as opposed to those who do not have these conditions that only need to go once a year.


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