Why Your Heart Specialist Recommends Against Supplements

Cardiac surgeon

At one point or another most everyone has tried a new fad diet. Maybe it’s a 30 day challenge or even a new weight loss supplement. Whatever it is, chances are your doctor didn’t recommend it. Did you know that a lot of supplements can actually cause heart problems? Here’s what your heart specialist wishes you realized about these dangerous products.

They Aren’t Moderated

Believe it or not, supplements aren’t actually monitored by the Food and Drug Administration. They’re allowed freely on the market and the side effects aren’t even enough to bring the FDA in. Slowly, people are taking notice of these issues, especially since many people have been hospitalized lately. If you want your food to be regulated, why wouldn’t you want any supplements you take to be regulated?

Symptoms You Should See a Heart Specialist About Immediately

These unmonitored supplements can cause horrible symptoms like heart disease, heart rhythm disorder, heart palpitations, and other heart problems. Each year, almost 750,000 people in America have heart attacks; which means one happens roughly every 30 seconds – you can bet supplements lead to some of these. If you feel dizzy, have a pounding heart, or lightheadedness, schedule an appointment with a cardiologist as soon as you can. While the supplements may have started the symptoms, there may now be an underlying issue to be solved.


The obvious first step is the stop taking any and all supplements. Depending on how long you have been taking the supplements, your cardiology specialist may recommend you back off slowly. He may ask you to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours to up to two weeks to determine exactly what problems you have. He may then prescribe medicine to help calm your heart until things settle down. Eventually, you should get back to normal. Instead of using supplements, try 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day of the week. It will help out your body and your heart.

Think twice about taking those diet supplements. Rapid weight loss is not very healthy and can damage your body more than help it. Start with regular, slow exercise while gradually increasing to moderate and even intense exercise. Also, ask your doctor about changing your diet to help you attain your goals. Hopefully, after making a healthy lifestyle change, you will not need to visit a heart specialist again.

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