The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ibogaine Therapy

Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction

Addiction and mental illness are things that are faced by many Americans every day. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that approximately 11 million Americans abused Oxycontin alone in 1996. The issue with addiction and mental illness is that not only are they both difficult to shake; they?re difficult to treat out of the public eye, and often shamed by people who know about them. Furthermore, many detox clinics are harsh and ineffective, more about judgment than treatment. That ? among other reasons ? is why many have turned to the ibogaine treatment program. Below are some of the top reasons why people choose ibogaine therapy.

1. The Treatment Process

A big reason why the ibogaine treatment program appeals to so many people is the treatment process itself, which is not only physically beneficial but emotionally therapeutic. This is because the effects of the therapy is separated into two phases. First comes the visionary phase, which lasts for four to six hours and consists of a dreamlike state of consciousness that is often described as being between sleep and wakefulness. The second phase, called the introspective phase, is described as when the real work takes place. Seen as psychotherapeutic, this phase allows people to confront fears and emotions. The combination of these two experiences allows people to overcome mental and physical pain without going through harsh side effects.

2. The Results

The ibogaine treatment program isn?t simply some alternative medicine ? ibogaine therapy is a serious option for addicts, especially those who?ve tried everything and think they?re out of choices. Some studies have reported that an ibogaine detox results in reduced drug cravings after a mere 72 to 96 hours. While certain detoxes leave people physically exhausted or even ill, ibogaine has a positive effect without causing harm.

3. Location

So where can you find an ibogaine clinic? You might be surprised to know that as recently as 2009, ibogaine was unregulated in Mexico, leaving a lot of clinics there. The location of detox clinics is important; they need to be secluded enough to let patients truly detox in every way, both from their addictions and the things in close proximity to them. In Mexico, detox can be simple and beautiful. While going through ibogaine therapy in a secluded and beautiful coastal area, you can forget outside stressors like work and confront what actually matters ? your fears, your addictions, and even your emotional issues. Furthermore, Mexico lacks some of the cultural judgments about substance abuse that can be found in America. The truth is that in an ibogaine therapy clinic in Mexico, people can not only detox, but find a new outlook on life.

Forget everything you thought you knew about detox and rehabilitation. Ibogaine therapy is new, different, and most of all ? effective.

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