Why You Need To Add Compression Gear to Your Workout

When it comes to athletics and exercise, compression gear is gaining in popularity. The Compression and Shapewear Market is expected to reach $5,576 million by 2022.

What is compression gear exactly? Compression gear comes in a variety of forms including, compression sleeves, compression hosiery, shorts, tights, briefs and socks and is tight fitting to hold muscles in place and apply pressure to whatever body part the gear is on. By holding the muscles in place, blood flow to the muscles is increase and in the case of athletes, athletic performance can be boosted.

Whether you’re going out for a long run or going to the gym, compression gear can provide many benefits.

  • Recovery: This is one of the biggest benefits of compression wear. While wearing it during a workout can have mixed results, it helps rebuild muscles after a workout and can reduce soreness. It can also help heal muscle tissue and reduce swelling.
  • t’s repels sweat: water is drawn upward and evaporated, leaving you cool in vital areas.
  • It’s breathable: Most compression gear is made of tight, but skin contouring fabric. This allows it to breathe while you’re working out and keep you cool.
  • The compression: Wearing compression gear provides many of the benefits listed above. All that’s required is finding what sort of compression gear you may need and finding the correct size.
  • The support: Compression gear, especially a compression sleeve helps stabilize your muscles and helps support the legs somewhat in the strain of heavy lifting or doing various muscle exercises.
  • Compression can also help increase your mobility and several compression wear mobility accessories can improve your workout or athletic performance.

    • Compression socks provide a snug fit that contours to your feet and ankles and doesn’t slide. The compression applies pressure to needed areas like arches and helps reduce the potential for clotting in your feet.
    • Another of the useful compression mobility accessories is boxers or briefs. These eliminated chafing in important areas and because they are skin-tight, they are an ideal choice for wearing to the gym, usually under a pair of gym shorts. They also help eliminate odor.
    • Compression pants are also one of the useful compression mobility accessories. Compression pants can help you whether you’re moving from machine to machine at the gym or going for a long run. Models very on the amount of compression and help eliminate chafing sweat.
    • Compression shorts are also one of the important compression mobility accessories. Compression shorts are designed to reduce pressure on knees and joints by putting support on glutes and hamstrings. They are perfect for running workouts and high-intensity exercise.

      • No matter what kind of compression gear you choose, it can greatly change the way you exercise and work out. While its effectiveness can vary from person to person, it can make your workout more comfortable and help relieve pressure on a troublesome body part.

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