The Importance of Workplace Drug Testing

A crucial way of protecting your business and your employees is with appropriate drug screening habits. Luckily, it is easier than ever to quickly and accurately test for illicit drug use, and drug test kits and the rapid drug screen are simpler to acquire and have read. Here’s why you should be doing drug tests if you aren’t already.

  • Failing to do drug screening puts your business at risk. The American Management Association reports that about 62% of employers have a drug screening program in place and that they do so in order to comply with regulations, protect their own reputations, guarantee the safety of their workers, and develop a drug-free culture. Nearly 75% of the nation’s adult users of illicit drugs, according to a recent survey on urine drug tests, are employed. Their drug use costs American businesses an estimated $81 billion a year, not least of all because employed drug users tend to be absent from work as much as 20 times more often than drug-free workers. Government studies show that one out of every six workers nationwide has a drug problem. Since so many businesses are doing drug testing, this leaves businesses who fail to test for drugs at higher risk.
  • Failing to do drug screening puts your employees and your customers at risk. Contrary to the way things may appear, requiring employees to do a drug and alcohol test is not simply a way for a company to protect its own bottom line. It’s also a way to protect employees and the whole community. Drug-using employees may make deadly mistakes that harm themselves or others. When drug use in a community becomes an issue, everyone in the community should be interested in putting a stop to it. Drug screening provides a powerful incentive to employees that may be just the help they need to resist. Furthermore, most employees do not and should not simply fire an employee who tests positive. Drug users are more than four times as likely to need medical treatment than those who are not on drugs, and many employers are happy to grant employees a period of time to get their lives on track, often with help of various kinds.
  • How should workplace drug testing be done? There are various types of drug tests available. Urine tests are the most accurate form of testing when screening for drug use within a short period of five days or less. The five-panel hair follicle drug test can test for amphetamine, marijuana, opiates, phencyclidine, and cocaine. Hair follicle drug screening can detect drug use for a far longer period of up to 90 days. as for the best time to test workers, most employees wisely choose to test as part of the hiring process. After that, drug testing should be at random intervals to ensure accuracy and dependability. Of course there are federal and state laws that do limit how drug screening can happen and what drug tests are permitted to reveal.

Drug testing is an important way to keep your company and its reputation safe. It’s also key to the safety of workers and customers. It is important for the health of the surrounding community, and the personal health of drug users. Accurate drug testing is widely available, making drug screening something every company should do.

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