Why Taking the Best Antioxidant Vitamins is So Critical to Your Health

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These days, it seems there’s always another article popping up on your news feed that says you’ll get cancer from a seemingly benign food source. And while many of these articles — or social media posts disguised as credible news — have but a kernel of truth to them, unfortunately there are many aspects of everyday modern life that can increase your risk of developing this deadly disease. Unsurprisingly, it all begins with food.

Despite what the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe, food really is medicine and eating the right kinds can dramatically, perhaps even miraculously, improve your health. After all, they wouldn’t say you are what you eat for nothing! You cells literally become and feed off the foods you eat. And if you’re eating a diet that’s chock full of artificial ingredients, harm preservatives, unhealthy fats, and high amounts of sodium, it’s easy to see how this can contribute to an increased risk of cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

The standard American diet (ironically frequently abbreviated as SAD) is loaded with foods that are nothing but good for you. For example, research studies from the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed what many health-conscious people have suspected for sometime; regular consumption of hotdogs and other kinds of preserved meats such as deli slices, can increase the risk of developing cancer. As tasty as they might be, they’re also brimming with harsh chemical preservatives and toxic ingredients that lower your body’s natural defenses all while encouraging inflammation. No bueno.

But get this: even if you’re eating a diet that’s rich in whole, natural, and organic foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and healthy grains, you can still be nutritionally deficient. That’s because American (or any soil for that matter) isn’t what it used to be. Soils have become horribly depleted after generations and generations of farming. Chemical fertilizers just don’t do the trick anymore, and that means that even organic produce, while better for you, is still low on the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive and fight diseases such as cancer.

In addition to a whole diet and plenty of physical activity, you should also supplement your diet with — you guessed it — supplements such detox supplements, cellular supplements, powerful antioxidant supplements, supplements for digestion, and of course the best antioxidant vitamins. By consuming all of these supplements and the best antioxidant vitamins, you can begin to take ownership of your own personal health and well being, and begin living and feeling the best you’ve ever felt. Really, it’s all about nutrition!

Did you know that many kinds of nutritional deficiencies have been linked to several kinds of disease? For example, low levels of essential vitamin D can leave your immune system feeling lackluster and make you vulnerable to illness and disease. Taking the best antioxidant vitamins can help you get the proper daily amount of vitamin D and other essentials.

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