Three Benefits of Using Massage Therapy to Health and Wellness

Massage therapy beneficial

Massage therapy has become a very common method of relieving pain while also reducing the level of stress an individual may be experiencing. Many people also use sports massage therapy to help them with aching muscles or other problems they may have with joints. Using massage therapy is also popular for pregnancy and other medical conditions; in fact, experienced practitioners are able to perform medical massage. As many as 92% of Americans believe that having a massage keeps their pain down and allows them to feel better without using medications. Here are three benefits of massage therapy and why so many are using it.

Massage is Useful in Relieving Stress and Allowing the Body to Relax

When people are tense, pain might collect in more than once place. This could be the shoulders, the back, or even the feet. It depends on the individual and where they normally feel stress related pain. Using massage therapy, a masseuse can assist the individual in relieving pain and thereby taking away some of the stress. Although massage is not a cure for all problems, the very act of having someone put gentle pressure on an individual and allow them to feel taken care of can do wonders for their health. Some people might not be aware of how much stress collects in their bodies, and how massage therapy might actually be beneficial for their situation. Between 2013 and 2014 about 23% of individuals who use massage therapy had found it helpful for stress-related instances and relieving tension. While it?s evident that using massage therapy for stress is not the number one instance where individuals turn to this age-old practice, it will likely become one soon enough.

Massage Techniques Are Used for Medical Reasons and Through the Suggestion of a Doctor

Although not all doctors are on board with using massage therapy techniques for medical reasons, medical massage can be helpful in relieving muscle aches and pains. Between 2013 and 2014, roughly over 50% of Americans were going to massage clinics to find help with managing their pain, regaining use after an injury, and even for the overall benefit of their health. There are different types of massage therapies being offered, including deep tissue massage. This can allow individuals who have back problems and other similar issues to find pain relief without turning to medicine. Many doctors also see the positive effects that alternative medicines and therapies have on their patients, and suggest these holistic practices first, as a way to gage how much the pain can be managed before turning to medication. In fact, most massage therapy referrals come from chiropractors and other doctors, rather than being referred by an advertisement or word of mouth.

Massage Therapy Can Fit into Just About Any Lifestyle

Many people think that massage therapy has to take a lot of time. When it comes to using massage therapy, the average session can last anywhere from as long as 90 minutes to as little as 15. For those that do not have an hour, they can still receive the benefits of massage therapy in half an hour or less. Of course, for some treatments, it is best to take a longer amount of time, such as with hot stone massage. However, people who find that they don?t need special treatments or techniques might be happy with squeezing in their massage session while they are on their lunch break. The best part is, many massage clinics offer appointments, making it easier for individuals to book their massage time and not have to worry about waiting.

When it comes to using massage therapy, there are benefits for individuals of any lifestyle. Those who simply need to relax and destress will find massage therapy comforting. Individuals who are trying to avoid medication will take heart knowing that more doctors believe in the benefits of massage therapy, and are sending their patients to massage therapy clinics. And for busy individuals, appointments can take as little as half an hour of 15 minutes-the choice is up to them. The best part is, massage therapy can be used to suit any lifestyle or need.

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