When an Urgent Care Visit is Needed


Many people end up in the emergency room, without needing to be there. Emergency rooms are flooded with patients who could have been treated at an urgent care center. It is common to not be aware of the wide range of treatments that an urgent care center offers. In this post, you will learn about situations where the emergency room can be skipped.

  • Fractures: Research shows that about 80 percent of urgent care facilities treat fractures. An emergency room visit would be in order if the fracture caused bone protrusion of any kind. Many people think that if they feel pain, they must go to the emergency room. However, many local urgent care facilities can treat patients at a fast rate. One out of every five urgent care express centers sees over 450 patients each week.
  • Flu: When flu season draws near, it seem like everyone starts getting sick. You might notice more co-workers with flu like symptoms. If you do end up coming down with the flu, an urgent care can take great care of you. It is common for an urgent care express to have a doctor on site to diagnose any potential symptoms. Many urgent care facilities have computer systems where prescriptions are easily filled.
  • Minor Injury Relief: Emergency room treatment is vital when an injury is life threatening. If someone is losing blood at a rapid rate, going to the ER is a must. If a person is dealing with injuries that are painful but not life-threatening, seek urgent care treatment. Injuries that are minor are another source of emergency room congestion. Certain patients may end up deemed not hurt enough for ER care. An urgent care can provide many treatments a hospital does, including fluid administration. Seven out of ten urgent care express facilities are able to provide intravenous fluids.
  • In summary, an urgent care facility treats many conditions. Sometimes, people simply aren’t aware of how advanced urgent care treatment is. A fracture can be treated by many of these facilities. Many people fill emergency rooms when suffering from the flu. However, an urgent care facility can easily diagnose and treat the flu. Urgent care is also the place to be when dealing with a minor injury. Any injury that is, in any way, life-threatening should be treated at an emergency room.

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