A Fracture Of the Cost Why You Should See an Urgent Care Center When You Have an Ankle Fracture

Urgent cares see many patients

When it comes to an ankle fracture, it?s best to seek immediate medical attention. An ankle sprain, caused by an overextension of the ligaments, is common among athletes, but a fractured ankle requires more than a cold compress or brace. Alluding directly to a fracture in the ankle bones — the tibia, talus, calcaneus, or fibula — a fracture needs to be set by a doctor and then placed into a cast for proper healing. While an ankle sprain may cause swelling, a fracture can usually be detected by the intensity of the pain and numbness in the ankle.

However, getting immediate medical care for an ankle fracture, or any fracture, can be a hassle. Doctor?s offices are difficult to get into by appointment and the Emergency Room is both expensive and time-consuming. A pleasant alternative to both is medical urgent care centers.

Urgent Care provides medical care to a number of patients both efficiently and effectively. Nearly 60% of Urgent Care patients have had a wait time of fewer than 15 minutes and nearly 80% of each visit is less than an hour long. These statistics are not because of a lesser amount of patients, either. One out of five Urgent Care clinics cares for up to 450 patients a week and 66% of clinics open before 9:00 AM during the work week (with 45.7% opening early on Saturdays and 31.1% on Sundays). These clinics then remain open up until 7:00 PM with two out of five staying open as late at 9:00 PM.

Patients are highly likely to seek medical treatment at the Emergency Room when their doctor is unavailable due to the office being closed (48% likely to be precise according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). However, if a patient is suffering from an ankle fracture and they are unable to see their physician, a visit to the Emergency Room is not necessary despite how excruciating the pain may be.

Four out of five Urgent Care centers (50% of which are owned by a physician) provide care for fractures such as that of an ankle. Therefore, if you’re suffering from an ankle fracture and you’re unable to get into your doctor’s office, fret not! A Medical Urgent Care center is more than likely open near you and can provide you with the medical care you need in half the time.

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