What Is EMDR Therapy?

Every day, people go through different experiences. Around 70% of adults, in particular, experience a traumatic event in their lives. During this time, the brain processes information and signals differently. Sometimes, these incidents can stay in the brain forever. The video demonstrates how to overcome this as well as the benefits of EMDR therapy.

Most people experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One way to overcome this is to undergo EMDR therapy.

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The therapy focuses on the traumatic memory and negates the emotions surrounding it. The therapy involves varied eye movements intended to target the traumatic memory. EMDR therapy lasts for a few weeks, depending on the type of trauma. The traumatic memory gradually fades over the course of 2-3 sessions. With increased visits, the memory is reprocessed for resolution.

Patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be ineligible for this treatment. Similarly, a person unwilling to process emotions may not be ready to undergo therapy. The majority of people who experience a traumatic event do not seek medical attention. However, with the help of EMDR therapy, patients witness decreased emotional distress. Furthermore, the therapy fosters positive beliefs and makes the patient feel lighter.


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