What Happens at the Eye Doctor?

If you’ve never been to the eye doctor, it’s never been a better time to start. When it comes to your vision, the sooner you address any issues, the better off you’ll be down the line. But what can you expect when you go to the local eye doctors office? First of all, just like any other doctor’s office, there will be a waiting room for you to sit down in. Once your name is called, the doctor or nurse will be ready to see you.

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The first thing that will happen if it’s your first time at your local eye doctor is you’ll get a vision test. If you’ve never taken one, it’s very similar to how you see it in shows and movies. A nurse will point at certain letters and make you read them from certain distances. If you’re able to read all the letters, you more than likely have 20/20 vision. If this is the case, it’s going to be a quick visit. If you had difficulty though, the doctor may perform more tests to see the quality of your vision. Once they confirm that you need glasses, they’ll recommend some options for you. This will make seeing that much easier.

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