Weight Loss Tips From a Real Doctor!

When it comes to weight loss, there are insights and “tricks” everywhere that companies are trying to sell you. Diet pills and crash diets flood the weight loss industry, often leaving customers frustrated and not hitting their goals. Contrary to what tons of industry titans are trying to tell you, losing weight is not fast, and it is not easy. In order to lose weight and truly keep it off, you need to be able to commit and put in the work needed. This video highlights some of the frequently asked questions by people looking to lose weight.

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First of all, this weight loss specialist stresses that everyone’s target weight is vastly different than another’s. How much weight you should lose heavily depends on your lifestyle, genetics, food intake, medications, stress levels, and even how much sleep you are getting. A common misconception in weight loss is that you can’t eat or drink the things you love. This is fundamentally false, but it takes some strength to only enjoy sugar-filled and calorie-dense foods in moderate amounts. Finally, the safest and most effective way to lose weight is to lose 1-2 pounds per week.


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