Vaping vs Smoking The Case For E-Cigarettes

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You have probably heard of “vaping” as a tobacco smoking alternative and have a general idea of what it is. But are you aware of why it is catching on? Many people do not understand the craze, and why this seems like such a fad. However, this fad is actually proven to be a healthy and less toxic alternative to smoking normal cigarettes. A few facts will help inform you that smoking e cigarettes is beneficial in a number of ways, and that the practice should not be overlooked as a solid replacement for normal cigarettes.

Introduced to the United States market in 2007, electronic cigarettes were offered as a non-tobacco alternative for cigarette smokers. They even look just like standard cigarettes. Many smokers have noted feeling better smoking e-cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. Unlike standard cigarettes, e cigarettes do not contain the tobacco and additives often found in tobacco cigarettes. E cigarettes also do not need lighters to operate, making for an easier smoke that does not burn the throat.

E-cigarettes also help smokers save money by using them. E-cigarettes are completely reusable, and just need the fuel of E cig liquid. This is an opportunity for the smoker to save money as well as save the environment. In addition, there are hundreds of different E juice flavors to choose from when fueling your E cigarette. E cig liquid can suit any taste, and there are options to buy E cig liquid and e cig smoke juice flavors with or without nicotine added. E cig nicotine liquid is easy to find, for those who still want a nicotine fix without the tobacco and additives. And you do not need to commit to any flavor. You can change from vanilla to strawberry to mint quickly and easily.

In the short amount of time the From the years of 2008 until 2012 alone, sales in electronic cigarettes have increased by millions. Those numbers are estimated to continue over the next few years as well. Liquid E cig use is on the rise, and for a number of good reasons. They are safer, and they save the contents of your wallet while they also cut down on pollution.
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