Value of Getting the Flu Vaccine Every Year

The flu season takes us over greatly, so there is much to benefit from the flu vaccine. There is a benefit to the many pharmacists and nurses who give this vaccine on a daily basis from pre-filled flu vaccine syringes. While the vaccine may change a little every year in order to help with prevention, there is much more importance and value every year as the long-term results of catching the flu continue to get worse.

Initial Vaccines Required at a Young Age

Many vaccinations are needed for illnesses like polio, mumps, and rubella to help infants from contracting these viruses before their immune systems are prepared to handle them. With over 90% of children between 15 and 19 months old getting these vaccines, there is much to see in the improvement of our health overall.

The Cold is First

In addition to the flu, there is also a great deal with the many times we catch a cold throughout the year. Children are known to catch up to ten colds a year even though there is no vaccine for it. However, with the flu, there is much more danger in long-term health or even immediate danger to the need for emergency care.

Flu Complications

With about 200,000 Americans hospitalized annually from flu complications, there is plenty to be gained from getting the vaccine earlier in the year. To help with prevention, a number of specific types of the vaccine and strengths are available to help different patients with the potential issues that could arise. Whether they are pre-filled flu vaccine syringes or not, some of these are:

  • Multi-dose vaccines
  • Muti-dose vials
  • Seqirus flu vaccines
  • Seqirus flucelvax
  • Quadrivalent flu vaccine
  • Specific formulation for elders
  • Thimerosal-free
  • Flublok flu vaccine
  • Flublok vaccine
  • Fluzone quadrivalent

With many different brands of the flu vaccine available, some of them preventing different types of the virus and some of them preventing multiple viral strains at the same time. Typically, this will depend upon the area where you live and which flu virus is most common. It is important to remember that the best way to beat influenza is with prevention. The flu vaccine is the only true way to do that. With the potential for the serious downfall and even death upon catching the flu, there is much to gain from the vaccine early in the season. Even if you have never had one before, it is always safer to prevent than to recover from the flu.

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