Men’s Grooming Is Becoming The New Standard Five Basics Your Cabinet Shouldn’t Be Without In 2019

What really propels a look going from ‘okay’ to ‘complete’?

Beard-owners, listen up…you’re in need of some polish and soon. The appeal of a shiny and well-trimmed beard — on top of general grooming — is fast becoming the new norm. Anything less and you might as well flush that new job, promotion, or date down the toilet! With 2018 about to wrap up and the next year holding so much potential for better, there’s still time to figure out your new health regimen. Not only will you look more stylish, you’ll find everything else in your life falling into place.

Here are five mens styling products your cabinet shouldn’t be without.

Good Shaving Oil

A good beard grows from a good face care regimen. There’s nothing more disheartening than attempting to do a little maintenance in the morning and coming out of it with little more than bumps and nicks. An interesting study found 40% of American men have facial hair, up a startling 15% from just five years ago. The global male grooming market is also seeing a surge overall, with 2024 expected to usher in nearly $30 billion. Remember to pair the right oil for your skin type so you’re not accidentally creating pimples in place of smooth, soft results!

Beard Oil

Once you’ve got the beard growing out you need to maintain it. Mens grooming products are varied enough to suit all hair types and styles, from a simple goatee to a full and lush beard. Even better…you’ll smell about as nice as you look! Beard and mustache oil is fast becoming one of today’s most popular mens styling products, able to be used in the morning or on-the-go after a workout session. Make sure not to use too much, as you can risk weighing down your beard and ruining its style!

Mens Deodorant

Sometimes you don’t have time to jump in the shower or change your clothes. This is where a good deodorant comes in. A Statista survey revealed nearly 80% of respondents stating they use deodorant on a daily basis. You can try the classic dry stick or the roll on, though it’s recommended you scrub off your underarms with a damp rag beforehand. You don’t want to just be layering a pretty scent over your body odor, after all.

Face Wash For Men

Does your face feel a little greasy? Are you struggling with the occasional breakout? You might be in need of mens exfoliating face wash. While more severe conditions like cystic acne and eczema should be looked at by a professional, intermittent breakouts can usually be controlled by a decent wash. Once in the morning and once at night should do, right alongside changing your pillow weekly and drinking plenty of water.

Cream For Under Eyes

Much of what you see in mens styling products can seem excessive. The thing about skin care is every little bit matters, even if you don’t see results overnight. Brick-and-mortar accounts for over 80% of the male grooming product sales around the globe. The personal care market is seeing spikes in purchases month after month as more men become attuned to what they need to feel and look good. Mens eye cream is a good way to combat those sleepless nights and supplement a basic regimen of washing and moisturizing.

Level up your look. Pick up some mens styling products to help you feel and smell your best in 2019.

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