The Dangers of Radiation You Need to Know

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We’ve seen it a few times in recent decades: something happens to a nuclear power plant and the entire world is freaked out about the amount of radiation and everything. Famous examples are Chernobyl and Fukushima. But a bigger question is, why are we not more worried about the smaller doses of radiation we’re exposed to every single day? There’s radiation in microwaves, cell phones, laptops, and other forms of technology. It is important to protect children especially from these EMF dangers that come with radiation. Read on for a few of the major dangers of exposure.

One of the biggest dangers is of course cell mutation. It’s been studied in detail in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, allowing more knowledge on the subject. Biological effects can happen within just a few minutes of exposure to small doses, like that of a cell phone or cordless phone radiation. It can also be linked to cancer and numerous other serious health issues, according to several studies.

Tissue damage is another big issue. Radiation literally eats away at the atoms in your body, and breaks down cell tissue. When your body attempts to repair it, it is often too widespread or badly damaged. Radiation can actually change your DNA prints as well, so it is important to protect yourself.

In 2007, it was found that safety limits regarding EMF were not enough to protect public health. Five years ago, it was concluded that biologically-based safety limits were needed, but so far nothing has been done. You can still protect yourself however through the use of a cell phone radiation blocker or laptop radiation shield. A cell phone radiation blocker is especially important and useful due to the saturation in most developed areas.

What do you think about radiation dangers? Will you be investing in protection? Learn more. Helpful links.

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