Testing a DIY Covid Kit

If you want to learn more about antibody testing for COVID-19, it would be a good idea for you to watch this video. There are community transmission studies being done around the world for the purpose of informing the public policies that are being made. Part of this is developing tests that can be taken at home. One example is a home antibody test.

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Before they are able to do a full-scale community study, they need to see if tests like this are actually accurate. The usability study is meant to see whether people are able to perform the tests on themselves at home and read/understand the test results, and if not, what changes need to be made. The test is being sent to randomly selected people in the UK, so that they can perform it at home.

The test is focused on IGG as a potential measure of immunity against the virus. After assessing usability, the research team plans to assess prevalence of past infection in the company with a larger scale study in the UK. The goals of these measures are to get some measure of normalcy back within the nation and all over the world as well.

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