Sports Injuries Make ACL Reconstruction A Good Option for Many Athletes

Orthopedic surgeon

Certain parts of the body are susceptible to injury, especially among athletes and the elderly. The shoulders, knees, and hips can be trouble spots for people who are involved in high-impact activities. Individuals who carry excess weight may put strain on their joints, and may find themselves in need of corrective surgery. In addition, people who have conditions, such as osteoarthritis, have problems that stem from the deterioration of the joints.

In all of the above cases, a sports medicine physician or orthopedic surgeon may be called upon for help.

Shoulder Problems

Shoulder problems are common among people of all ages and professions. Shoulder issues ranked the fifth most prevalent injury for high school athletes, but sports participation is not the only way to injure a shoulder. In 2006, as many as 7.5 million people saw a doctor for a shoulder problem, such as shoulder and upper arm sprains and strains.

ACL Damage, Leading to ACL Surgery and ACL Reconstruction

The shoulders are not the only at-risk parts of the body. The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is also a source of problems for many individuals. One of the most common injuries that occurs within the knee is a sprain or tear, which can often affect athletes who participate in contact sports such as football, soccer, and basketball. The brute force and fast movements that are required with these games puts people at risk for injuring the the ligaments that hold the knee bones together in rope-like fashion, and keep the knee stable.

When Surgery is Necessary

If a person had injured his or her ACL, surgery might be necessary to regain full function of the knee. A doctor can decide whether the severity of the damage warrants such a procedure, and whether ACL repair or ACL reconstruction is the best option.

Statistics for Surgery and ACL reconstruction

Approximately 53,000 people in the United States have shoulder replacement surgery every year, says the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Knee surgery is becoming more common, as knee replacements in the United States have nearly doubled in the past decade, climbing to 600,000 annually. Additionally, hip replacements performed in the United States have also increased substantially, with the procedure becoming more common in younger individuals, according to new government.

With the advances in medicine that make surgical procedures safer, and leave patients recovering faster, it’s no wonder many people are turning to surgery after an injury.

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