Healthcare Havens 8 Excellent Reasons to Visit Urgent Cares

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The Urgent Care Association of America reports that an estimated 3 million people visit urgent care clinics every week. Urgent cares allow people to see local doctors without the hassle of waiting to schedule a doctors appointment, or having to unnecessarily wait to receive emergency room care. Offering quality, efficient healthcare attention, an urgent care gives people options when they need them most. Read on to discover eight excellent reasons you should visit your local urgent care.

1. Walk-ins Welcome

It can take days, weeks, even months to get a doctor’s appointment. Urgent care clinics do not require an appointment. You can walk right in and be guaranteed someone will see you quickly.

2. No Insurance, No Problem

Many doctors, and some hospitals, will refuse to provide care if you do not have health insurance. You don’t have to worry about being rejected at an urgent care clinic. They will often work out payment plans to limit any financial burden a visit may cause.

3. Easy on the Wallet

Urgent cares lack much of the red tape, hidden costs and high prices doctor offices and hospitals are known for. Urgent care clinics provide affordable medical options, and they will often work with patients to find less expensive treatments without sacrificing the quality of care.

4. Checkups are Critical

Immediate medical care isn’t the only type of healthcare urgent cares offer. Top doctors will provide annual physicals, routine checkups, vaccinations, preventative care screenings and much more. Don’t avoid seeking medical care because you don’t have a regular doctor.

5. Quick and to the Point

Urgent cares pride themselves on their ability to see patients quickly. While you could be sitting in a doctor’s office or hospital waiting room for hours, research data shows that the majority of patients have been seen and are ready to leave the urgent care within an hour.

6. Make it a Family Affair

Urgent cares cater to all ages. Urgent care doctors are prepares to offer pediatric, adult and geriatric medical attention. You don’t have to worry about waiting and trying to find a doctor who only sees patients in a specific age group.

7. All-in-One Stop

Most urgent cares offer a variety of services. These include x-rays, processing labs, EKGs, etc. An estimated 80% of urgent cares even provide fracture care. Urgent cares prove a convenient stop for most all of your medical needs, saving you time and eliminating the need to schedule several different appointments.

8. Excellent Follow-through

Don’t worry about what will happen next, following your urgent care visit. If you don’t have time to schedule an appointment with your regular doctor, or don’t wish to, you can schedule any necessary follow up appointments as you check out at the urgent care.

Urgent cares provide medical attention when and where you need it. Most urgent care facilities have extended hours. Two-thirds of urgent cares open before 9 AM during the week, and 85% of urgent cares are open seven days a week. Don’t wait to receive the comprehensive, efficient medical care you deserve. Visit an urgent care.

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