Filling Your Pediatrics Practice Schedule

In this video, you will learn about same day pediatric office and how to schedule at your practice. There are some key things to keep in mind when scheduling at your pediatric practice. One of these things is providing care and establishing practice income.

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Without income, your practice will not be able to run. You will receive direct income from service payments and copays. You can also eliminate healthcare costs outside of the house to keep the total cost of healthcare down. Next, don’t make any assumptions about running a practice. You may have to rethink the way you run your practice if it isn’t running smoothly. After all, it is a business and needs to operate smoothly, especially so you can give patients the care that they need. Realistic scheduling is important. Allow the pediatrician enough time to see each patient. This is where a lot of practices go wrong. They overbook pediatricians and that is how they fall behind. Again, make sure to have proactive scheduling and follow-ups. If a family wants to reschedule, be flexible and make sure you keep calling them until they pick up because people are busy. When you are scheduling patients, ask yourself, “How long does it actually take to see a patient?”

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