Different Treatment Options for Your Recently Diagnosed Sleep Apnea

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Have you recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea? You may be disappointed to learn you have a disease that you have to cope with for the rest of your life. On the other hand, it?s crucial that you got a diagnosis by a medical professional. Now, you can move forward with your life and find ways to deal with the effects of your sleep apnea. Your doctor likely gave you suggestions and a potential treatment plan. You can also turn to other helpful items like nasal pillow cpap masks, cpap machines, and full face masks to potentially help with your symptoms.

Interested in learning more about your sleep apnea and potential ways to sleep better through the night? Keep reading to find out why a diagnosis is so important and how different machines, masks, and pillows can help you sleep through the night.

How a Sleep Apnea Diagnosis May Have Saved Your Life

When you were first told by the doctor that you had sleep apnea, you may have felt slightly disappointed. No one wants to be told they have a disease that will affect how well they can sleep for the rest of their lives. At the same time, receiving a diagnosis should also come as a relief. Now, you know why you were having such a hard time sleeping before your visit to the doctor?s office. You weren?t making up your symptoms and your lack of sleep was truly justified.

If you had not gotten a diagnosis, you would still be struggling to sleep without any answers like two to four percent of Americans who have undiagnosed sleep apnea. No matter what you tried to get a good night?s sleep, it probably would not have worked because it wasn?t a treatment targeted to help with sleep apnea. In addition, you would have been at risk for a myriad of other diseases had you not received your diagnosis.

When you have sleep apnea and it goes undiagnosed, you are more likely to have heart disease by three times. Also, you are four times more likely to suffer from a stroke with an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea. These are serious diseases and illnesses that could result in major issues for the rest of your life or even potentially death.

Treatment Options for Those Suffering From Sleep Apnea

Moving forward, you can start focusing on all the ways you can potentially still get a good night?s sleep despite your sleep apnea. There are plenty of choices, but you always want to make sure you find what options works best for you. Start by purchasing the best cpap machine you can find. Use this as much as possible over the first month after your diagnosis while you sleep. It should be on for at least four hours every night to get the best results.

In addition to a cpap machine, you can try other options like nasal pillow cpap masks. Many people prefer both nasal pillows and nasal masks. In fact, it?s a pretty even split for people who have sleep apnea whether or not they choose a mask or a pillow to help with their sleep. If you are newly diagnosed, be sure to give both options a try, as well as nasal pillow cpap masks. You never know what could work best for you allowing you to get continuous sleep every single night.

Don?t become another statistic by not using your cpap machine. On average, after the first month around half of the people who start using a cpap machine will stop. You can?t see true results until you use your cpap machines or nasal pillow cpap masks regularly for at least a full month. If you want to get back to having a good night’s sleep as often as possible, you have to give the different treatment options a chance to do their work. Otherwise, you’ll continue on struggling to stay awake through the day.

Have you recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea? What treatment options are you trying to choose between? Let us know in the comments about your experience using different cpap machines and other items to sleep better.

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