Bicycling An Eco-Friendly Alternative

All across the globe, the popularity of bicycles continues. The benefits of stopping at the nearest bicycle company and picking up a new bike, are quite far and wide from minor to the large. It’s never too late to find a quality bike company and add your bike to the one billion bicycles in the world.

To start with the minor benefits of bicycling, you can expect to burn as much fat as a 40 minute, five days a week workout at a gym, if you have the opportunity to bike to work. That study was conducted in 2017. On top of burning fat, you’re actively lowering your chances of a premature mortality by up to a whopping 30 percent! And the risk of cardio-respiratory diseases? You can reduce your chances of developing such a disease by up to 40 percent as well. What isn’t to like about bicycling?

As for the eco-friendly citizens, you won’t disappointed either. For those living in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, and you’re looking to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; look no further than a bike. If only 20 percent of short car trips were instead replaced with a bicycle, 57,405 tons of carbon dioxide would be prevented from entering the atmosphere. Now that’s reducing your carbon footprint! By opting for a bike, you can contribute to the saving of 238 million gallons of gas annually. The energy and resources dedicated to constructing a vehicle, can actually create 100 bicycles.

You want a bike but what do you want from it? Ride it to work? An average, run-of-the-mill bicycle will do, along with a helmet. How about mountain biking? That’s far more complicated. First off, you need a helmet. Second, bring plenty of water, protective eyewear and gloves, along with a first aid kit and a cycling multi-tool. You’ll be riding through rough terrain and it’s best to be prepared for accidents. You shouldn’t be going wild at first.

There’s a plethora of gear that can be used to find a niche for your needs. Want better control? Try a set of toe clip pedals which also have different toe clips for bikes in and of themselves. Maybe you will feel more comfortable with having your brakes by your hands; invest in brake levers. All it really takes is heading to a bike shop and getting all the information you need. What’s stopping you from investing in a bicycle company?

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