3 Reasons Pediatricians are a Valuable Ally for Your Child’s Health and Development

You understood the need to take your child to the pediatrician almost religiously when they were an infant or young toddler. But now that they are a little older, perhaps in elementary school or even high school, is it still that important for them to see their pediatrician regularly? The answer to that question is a resounding yes! More so than just a general practitioner, pediatricians can provide much needed insight and support as your child grows and develops, from infancy even well into their teenage years. As a parent, pediatric care for your child is key for these three very important reasons.


The immune systems of children, especially infants and toddlers, are not as developed as that of adults. With that in mind, your child’s pediatric clinic can help assist in the prevention of many diseases and illnesses that your child will inevitably come in contact with multiple times throughout their lives. Your child’s pediatrician will ensure that vaccines will be given to your child at the appropriate ages in his or her’s life, keeping your child healthy and strong as they grow and develop. 


As a parent, you might feel as if your child is constantly coughing, sneezing, or blowing their nose, especially in the winter. In reality, you are not wrong. Children are especially susceptible to the nuisance we know as the common cold. Children from six months to about preschool age often get about seven to eight colds each year. Even teenagers will deal with the adult level of approximately four colds each year. While often more of an annoyance than anything, cold viruses are mutating constantly, getting trickier and more difficult to treat. 

Along with the common cold, your child might suffer from asthma, food allergies, or even have the occasional broken bone or sprained ankle. There are an endless amount of diseases, illnesses, and injuries your child might face in their early years, and their same day pediatric office is the best place to take them. While in pediatric care, your child will receive specialized care and treatment geared specifically for children. The pediatrician also knows your child personally, making it easier for your young one to feel more relaxed and comfortable in what could possibly be a stressful situation.

Tracking Growth and Development

Taking their first steps, saying their first words, these are all the milestones that you eagerly look forward to as a new parent. However, well past those years of first words and steps, your child will still be hitting new milestones that you might not even realize. As school-aged children, your same day pediatric office can help you know whether or not your child is mentally and physically developing properly. ADHD, learning disabilities, and proper motor skills are all things the pediatrician will be analyzing during your child’s regular check-ups. Even teenagers should still be visiting their same day pediatric office to ensure that all of their growth and development goals are being met. 

Ultimately, until your child has reached adulthood, regular visits to their pediatrician are a must. Pediatricians are tuned in to the needs of your child and are a valuable partner in ensuring your young one remains healthy and strong as they continually grow and develop. 

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