3 Things Your Walk In Health Clinic Doesn?t Tell You

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Did you know that your walk in health clinic is probably one of the best health care options for you? When it comes to providing you with service, many doctors walk in clinics are the best choices. Here are some of the great things your walk in health clinic may not be telling you.

They May Be Putting Your Family Doctor Out of Business

Walk in health clinics allow you to come in freely, which is something many family doctors don?t offer. When you are going to a family doctor, you will often be told you have to schedule an appointment. This appointment can be weeks. To avoid this, going to your walk in health clinic will allow you access to a doctor that is just as qualified as your family physician.

Even more, walk in clinics cost 80% less than the traditional ER services. They also accept most insurances, which means you will pay little to nothing when you visit your walk in health clinic. Even if you don?t have insurance, most walk in health clinics will still take you on as a patient to ensure your health is up-to-par.

You Get Insurance Discounts

Many health insurance companies are beginning to offer incentives to their employees. What this means is that they are able to provide them with no copay if they visit an urgent care facility versus a traditional doctors?.

This could be based on money costs for traditional family doctors. Many walk in clinics have a staff consistent of 95% nurses? practitioners. Although they don?t completely replace the need for a doctor, they can handle almost as much as most doctors. They are skilled and licensed to help you out.

Most health insurance companies are offering these incentives to their customers because they feel that the care you receive from walk in health clinics is sufficient. More care facilities do offer care that?s urgent to their customers, which makes them effective.

Not Every Walk In Clinic is the Same

This is something most people don?t know before heading over to the walk in clinic. Make sure you know services that are offered by a walk in clinic before heading over to it. You don?t want to go to a walk in clinic to be told they can?t help you. You?ll be down time and you still have the same health issues leaving that you came in with.

Planning carefully and knowing what your clinic offers as far as service is vital. If you need more information on which walk in health clinic you should visit, call your insurance provider. They can provide you with the information you?re looking for and direct you to a walk in clinic that best suits the needs of your health.

Walk-In Health Clinics Could Be the Best Option for You

If the family physician can?t see you for a few days or weeks, going to an urgent care facility may be ideal for you. Your insurance will most likely cover it (call and check before going) and it will be same-day service. Showing up to a walk in clinic a little early will help with getting seen before they close (especially if they aren?t a 24-hour service). Take your health into your own hands and seek services that will help treat you.

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