3 Benefits of Respiratory Pathogen Panel Tests

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One of the most widespread illnesses in the United States is the flu. Many people prepare for flu season by getting a shot to protect them from multiple forms of influenza. Statistics show that 5-20% of people the United States get the flu each year. Adults suffering from the flu can have this disease for up to a week before developing condition. In the span of seven days, individuals with the flu can spread a lot of germs before realizing they’re sick. Many medical professionals utilize blood test analysis devices for accurate testing and results. Here are three benefits of using a respiratory pathogen panel test.

  1. Clear Diagnosis of Pathogens

    In the United States, at least 2 million individuals deal with bacterial infections that antibiotics aren’t able to treat. No patient wants to receive medical tests to find that their results are inconclusive. Receiving an accurate diagnosis benefits both medical professionals and patients. A respiratory pathogen panel tests enable your workers to take the guesswork out of diagnosing and treating illnesses.
  2. Faster Testing Results

    Traditional testing methods could have patients waiting days, if not weeks, to receive their results. A respiratory pathogen panel test is often completed in a fast and efficient manner. Patients that receive fast and accurate testing are likely to be pleased with their respective visits. Satisfied patients will be more likely to receive testing through your business if the experience goes smoothly.
  3. Potentially Reduces Care Costs

    Not having accurate testing equipment creates a multitude of problems for medical professionals. If a patient doesn’t receive an accurate diagnosis, care costs accumulate for a condition they might not have. No patient wants to deal astronomical medical bills due to the fact that test results were inaccurate. Utilizing accurate blood testing methods helps to reduce care costs that are lost to an incorrect diagnosis and treatment plan.

In summary, there are several benefits of implementing respiratory pathogen panel tests. Using these tests helps to ensure that medical testing provides accurate results. Patients that receive accurate testing results will feel satisfied that they’ve been treated well. It’s likely that care costs will be drastically reduced for patients that receive an initial diagnosis that is accurate.

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