Why You Should Know Where Your Local Emergency Centers Are

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Health care can be a touchy subject these days. There seems to be a constant argument about the best plans for ensuring the health and wellness of the population. For some people, health care is not really an issue, as it is supplied with the benefits that they receive from their jobs. But this does not apply for everyone. There are plenty of people who struggle to find the right coverage, or any for that matter. This is a major problem plaguing our country, and it will take more time and a lot of work to remedy. In the meantime, there is another aspect of health care that needs focus as well.

Urgent care clinics and emergency centers

Knowing the locations of your local urgent care clinics and emergency centers is important. You never know when you will encounter the need for a visit. And it is better to be prepared than to risk losing valuable time trying to locate a facility or find your way when an illness or injury rears its ugly head. Being able to quickly access emergency services is one way that you can ensure keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy. From an unexpected bout of intensely itchy eyes, to deep lacerations, your regular family medicine clinic is not always going to cut it. On top of that, you will need a place to go when that doctor’s office is closed.

Problems with finding the right care

Depending on the insurance that you have, you will likely be able to receive reimbursements on the costs associated with a doctor visit, or a visit to the urgent care or emergency room. It has been estimated that the average refund after an urgent care visit is about $103 per patient, compared to about $302 for hospital emergency centers. However what these numbers don’t show is that the cost differences between the two different types of facilities also greatly varies. For a patient with an ailment that could be treated at an urgent care, going to the emergency room can run up a bill of over $2,000, while that same treatment at an urgent care center would cost closer to $200.

There will always be a need for good doctors, and for good facilities at which to treat patients. One estimate suggests that by the year 2020, the United States will need more than 90,000 doctors than will be available at that time. And five years after that, we will be short 130,000 physicians. The time to invest in the health and future of our country is now.

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