Why Nutrition Is Important for The Brain

Can what you eat really affect your brain? Absolutely. This video talks about how the food you eat can have long-lasting effects on your brain.

Nutrition is extremely important for your brain. Your brain is divided into five parts of nutritional content. The main part of your brain’s nutritional content is fats. The other content is made up of proteins, amino acids, glucose, and micronutrients. These components have an impact on your brain’s function, development, mood, and energy.

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Have you ever felt tired after lunch or felt a late-night alertness? That is your brain feeling the effects of the food you consumed. Foods can even manipulate how you feel and behave. This video gives an example of how you might feel after consuming a large plate of pasta or how you might feel after eating a protein-rich meal. A large plate of pasta might make you feel calm whereas a protein-rich meal might make you feel more alert.

Having a nutritionally balanced diet can help your mood from being skewed in one direction or the other. Our brains can benefit from fruits and vegetables by fighting off free radicals that destroy brain cells and this can even help your brain function for longer periods of time. Watch this video to learn about the effects your food can have on your brain’s overall health.

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