When Was the Last Time You and Your Spouse Got Away for a Weekend?

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It is always the laundry that causes the stress.
By doing one or two loads a day when you are not called in to substitute teach, it seems like the whole process is very manageable. Manageable, that is, until your 16 year old daughter deposits here clothes into the mix. As often as you tell her to bring her clothes down every day, your daughter always seems to wait. She waits just until you have all of the laundry done and then she finally remembers to bring down her things. It is those piles of laundry that causes all of the stress. So much stress, in fact, that you nearly want to scream!
You calm yourself, however, and remind yourself that you will not be burdened with these enormous laundry piles for much longer. With one daughter already away at college and this laundry hoarding daughter less than two years from going to college herself, you know that these piles are short lived indeed. And while that does not make it any less frustrating, you know that you simply have to find a way to deal with stress and move on.
On some of these occasions, you find that the best solution is booking and planning for a couples weekend away for you and your husband. They do not happen very often, but a couples weekend away every now and then helps you gain both perspective and patience. The short breaks that you have planned for weekend vacations and other couples getaways are just the break that you need to help you approach the more mundane tasks that are a part of the life of being the mother of a teenage daughter. And while you would never think of missing out on all of the fun and action that is involved in being the mother of a high school daughter, it is great to get away from the laundry every once in awhile.
All couples, even the ones who are the best of parents, understand that getting away every now and then is a great idea. Consider some of these facts and figures about getaway for couples that can include everything from a wellness weekend in the country to enjoying local food and luxury accommodations:

  • 24% of millennials indicated that they went on a romantic getaway in 2016, according to an American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) survey.
  • 59% of people prefer a relaxing vacation to a more active one, according to an international study.
  • 1.7 billion leisure trips were taken by Americans in the year 2015.
  • 79% of domestic trips taken are for leisure purposes.
  • Finding the place where you want to travel is the secret to making sure that you enjoy the couples weekend that you are looking forward to.

Whether you are looking for a way to get away from piles of laundry or you are interested in a romantic weekend to celebrate an anniversary, the country is full of locations and attractions that can help you regain both perspective and patience. And whether you decide that you are going to just get away with your husband or you want to plan a couples weekend for a group of friends, it is important to make sure that you find the perfect place that matches the interests that you have.

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