When To Seek Medical Help For A Cold or Flu

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Colds are very common and highly contagious, especially during the flu season. Often times when a person is experiencing cold symptoms they prefer to stay home a ride it out. They prefer to go through the misery of dealing with congestion, a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, and the long list of symptoms that comes with it rather than visiting the doctor’s office which can cost you. But what are the signs that medical help is necessary in order to free you from the misery a cold brings? Most people are quite familiar with the common cold but not the things that turns it from something common to something severe. Let?s take a closer look at the when it?s necessary to seek professional medical help for a common cold.

Colds have the tendency to really wear you down and drain you of your energy. They leave you bedridden for at least 14 days, however if you find yourself completely and utterly drained and defenseless for an even longer period of time, this might be a sign that you need urgent care. Complications with the common cold can range from a sinus infection, strep throat, bronchitis, to even pneumonia. If symptoms get even worse to the point where you are starting to experience severe headaches and chest pains when you cough or sneeze, consult a doctor for emergency care immediately for these symptoms can be life threatening.

Chest pain often leads to respiratory issues and may be a sign that you might have a virus. This is more common when young children get a cold or flu. Children who have a cold and start o experience any kind of breathing difficulties should always seek medical help at a either a walk in clinic or emergency room in hospital. The tell tale signs of breathing problems in young children with a cold includes flared nostrils, sore neck muscles, or discoloration in their fingertips and lips. Any of these signs should be a warning that they need medical help from a licensed physician.

Anything and everything that seems abnormal about the cold must not be taken lightly. Your doctors urgent care staff are your best case to offer any sign of relief when symptoms get painful or last for over two weeks. They?ll be able to delve deeper into the issue by conducting a blood test, performing x-rays, and examine the painful joints or areas in the body where you are concerned in order to provide the most accurate diagnosis and solution. Consulting an experienced physician is highly recommended, so make sure you have a list of doctors available just in case you need after hours urgent care due to severe and prolonged cold and flu symptoms.

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